Content Writing: A New Service With Many Applications

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JD Digital Marketing, Inc. is proud to announce that we are offering a new service.  In addition to what we already offer, we now provide Content Writing Services.  Which is a good opportunity to talk about Content Writing and how it can fit into your marketing strategy.  As the saying goes, “Content is King” and it has always been an important part of media.

And the internet is a versatile promotional tool for any business.  It offers many places where you can host content that can promote your brand.  From Social Media Networks to a blog on your own website, you can build a good foundation for an organic marketing campaign.  And let’s take a moment to talk about blogging.

Optimizing Your Blogging Content

Services like WordPress were originally created to host independent blogs.  A powerful CMS like WordPress has a number of built in tools to make creating and sharing blogs easier.  With your own blog, you can engage with your readers and promote your brand.  Creating content for a blog can have a number of benefits.

By writing on topics closely related to your field of expertise, you can draw in an audience searching for new content.  Hosting the blog on your website can also direct that audience to other pages on your site that might interest them.  And by selecting relevant topics, you can also demonstrate your expertise and showcase your business’ core strengths.

The other benefit to a blog is the ability to tie it into a strong SEO campaign.  It offers plenty of opportunity to expand on the content of your website and include good keywords into your website.  Of course, a blog is not only limited to your website.  Consider e-mail marketing as another tool to include in your campaign.

Emails can contain far more than just product information and the latest deals.  While those are good components to email marketing, you should also consider a newsletter.  Taking blog articles and delivering them to your customers can increase engagement and provide a good incentive to open your email.

The Medium And The Message

Content Writing is not just limited to blogging and newsletters.  Social Media has opened up the marketing field to a host of new opportunities.  Platforms like Twitter (recently rebranded to X) and FaceBook open up fairly obvious routes to Content Writing.  Writing posts on these sites can drive engagement in similar ways to a blog.  Providing quick bits of commentary on topics related to your business can bring in a new audience already engaged in a conversation.

But these platforms aren’t just limited to text.  Sharing images, which can mix both graphics and text can also be a good way to highlight your business online.  And platforms like Instagram are built specifically for promoting this kind of content.  You can also develop a strong brand identity with the images you post and with the advent of Short-Form video marketing, the opportunities continue to open up.

Content Writing plays a key role in keeping your message consistent.  Building a brand through videos or graphics requires planning and an attention to detail.  And creating good content should complement your existing messaging and provide a good hook to grab people’s attention.  Many sites, like YouTube and TikTok, make uploading and creating content simple and straightforward.  But with the right knowhow, you can also make videos that really catch the eye.

So take advantage of this new service we provide.  You can read more about our Content Writing Service here, or contact us to learn about our other services.


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