WordPress At 20: One Of The Most Versitile Digital Marketing Tools

The cornerstone of any digital marketing campaign is a website.  Having a website is essential if you want to promote your business on the web and one of the most widely used platforms for building a presence online is WordPress.  WordPress, celebrating its 20th anniversary, is a free, open source content management system.  It has been an important part of website marketing and, as of 2022, is used by 43.2% of all websites.

It’s a versatile platform with a number of features and themes that can be used to customize a website.  It has become a powerful tool in web design and development, allowing many companies to get their web marketing campaigns off the ground.  It also provides you with the tools necessary to improve your website optimization.

WordPress, as a content management system, has allowed a number of people to start their own blogs and companies to establish their online presence with a website.  Easy to set up, right out of the proverbial box, WordPress features a number of building tools that are intuitive and easy to use.

The New WordPress and Your SEO

And WordPress has been continuing to evolve and update.  Recently, they have released WordPress 6.2 “Dolphy” which boasts some new features to help in developing your website.  One interesting new feature is the ability to search for openly licensed images from Openverse, that includes the proper attribution.  You will still need to add in the alt text, but that is very important for website SEO and is something that should be controlled by the user so you can keep things more inline with your digital marketing strategy.

Whether you are looking to just set up a website to build your digital marketing campaign or create an online store or even a membership site, WordPress is flexible enough to cover your needs.  Continuing in the spirit of free and open-source solutions, for your eCommerce needs, WordPress offers WooCommerce, a plugin designed to help get your online store up and running.

Some of the other features that WordPress has access to, are also very useful tools when it comes to SEO marketing.  From allowing you to easily create SEO-friendly titles to the simple and clean code that WordPress is built upon to maintain and improve performance, security and other functionalities that improve how search engines like Google can find and index your website.

Plug In Your SEO

The plugins that are available and easy to implement also provide a strong incentive to use WordPress.  Take Yoast SEO, for example.  This plugin, first released in 2008, provides both free and premium versions that automate SEO improvements and give users control over site breadcrumbs that allows people and search engines to easily navigate the pages set up on your site, helping to improve your website SEO ranking.

When it comes to web design and web development, WordPress can be a very good entry point.  But if you would like to learn more about how to use these tools, you can sign up for one of our courses on web development.


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