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The Social Media landscape has seen a few major changes.  From Meta launching its own short-form blogging site, Threads, to the latest change coming from Elon Musk.  Since his purchase of Twitter late last year, the company has seen a number of controversial changes to the platform.  And this past week, perhaps the biggest change was announced.  A rebrand from Twitter to X.

The Big Change Impacting The Social Space

It is a pretty drastic change and a serious overhaul of the company’s branding.  Musk is phasing out the iconic bird logo that has been used by the company since 2010.  The website X.com now redirects to twitter and the company, under Musk’s leadership, is shifting its goals to becoming an “everything app”.  From banking and making purchases to audio and video the social media network has large goals.

Some people are questioning the change.  Twitter is a recognised brand and has become almost synonymous with social media and “tweeting” has become a part of everyday language.  Now, according to Musk, posts will be called “X’s”.  Whereas retweeting, another common verbiage of the old Twitter, needs to be “rethought”.

While many companies have rebranded over the years, few changes have felt quite as drastic.  And the changes still seem to be fluctuating.  The X logo has been updated and the change reverted back after only a few hours.  So far, we have only seen a few superficial changes.  The brand toolkit still holds all of the old twitter logos and guidelines.

The Impacts On Social Media Marketing

Which brings us to the question of what this all means for your marketing strategy.  These types of changes are still quite early and still in the process of being implemented.  And X is still the same platform that it was under Twitter.

Much of the same practices should still apply when it comes to engaging with the platform and other users.  How the inclusion of making purchases, among other new services the company hopes to add, will impact marketing strategies going forward is yet to be determined.

In the meantime, taking a wait-and-see approach might be the best.  X can still serve as a platform for organic marketing.  The shifting landscape of Social Media should serve as a reminder to keep a broad plan with realistic goals for your digital marketing strategy.

Time will tell if Elon Musk’s gamble will pay off, but for now there is still an audience on X that you can reach out to.  And there are still other social media networks that are effective and stable environments to implement your strategy.

And our Social Media Services are available to help you develop a digital marketing strategy for the platforms that best suit your needs.  We also offer courses in Social Media to help you learn how to take advantage of the social media tools, yourself.  If you would like to learn more, you can contact us to learn more.


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