Web Development (Course)

Web Development is one of the most sought after fields in the digital space.  The demand for developers to build dynamic, interactive websites continues to rise.  In our Web Developer course, you will learn how to build, develop, and design websites.  This allows you to work independently, with your business, or as an employee in a company in your desired field.

In recent times, we’ve seen how the online world continues to develop and offer more services and products.  We will provide you with the tools to create websites that meet consumers’ needs and best practices of web development.

Table of Contents

Web Design and Development

Our Web Development course covers everything from the early planning stages to launching a site.  With services like WordPress and WiX, it is easier for people and companies to create their own online space.  Having a website is an essential piece of online marketing, showcasing what products and services a company has to offer.  Web pages are also ideal for selling those products directly to customers.  You will learn all aspects of website building and adding in content to help that site stand out.

In this course, we will teach you the knowledge of the best practices for web design and web development.  You will learn how to make websites that match the branding and messaging of a marketing campaign.  Product descriptions and other essential information can help SEO and improve brand awareness.

Learning UI and UX development ensures that the websites you build are easy to navigate and intuitive to use.  It will ensure that customers can use a website to purchase products and contact companies for the services they provide.

In designing websites, you will learn to collaborate with clients and marketing teams.  Having an intuitive layout is important, but it should also be consistent with the business’ characterization and branding.  Formatting available copy and implementing additional graphics will also keep a nice, clean design across all pages of a site.

Mobile Marketing

Another essential component to website marketing is mobile design.  Websites optimized for mobile, with responsive design, not only benefits SEO but user experience across different devices.  Mobile phones have changed how people interact with websites and this technology has only continued to evolve over time.

The tools our online course can give you can help improve your results on voice search through SEO strategies.  We cover how to build websites that transition seamlessly into a mobile web page.  Creating a design that can appeal to potential customers regardless of where they find your site.

Online marketing has a broad reach and websites should be flexible enough to adapt to their environments.  As a developer, you will work with businesses to determine the best solutions to their mobile needs.

Internet Marketing

Working in conjunction with SEO, you will develop websites that make use of appropriate keywords to ensure good search results.  With a good marketing plan, you can target customers and drive traffic to a website.  And whether you’re using social media or paid advertising campaigns, companies will need websites to direct that traffic is essential.

Content management systems, like WordPress, have tools that can help build a website and add other components like a blog.  Maintaining a blog can be an important part of a marketing strategy to share content with potential customers.

And companies, like ours, provide content writing services to help fill in these areas of web marketing.  Coordinating with marketing teams can help keep a business’ goals on track and maintain a consistent message.  Creating additional material will help showcase a company’s content.  This can include images and videos shared across social media and keep users engaged with a website.  Good content marketing can provide an additional spotlight on other products and services.

Once you have a website ready, you can work to make sure that it will appear in the appropriate spaces.  Setting up a Google Business profile can also make sure that when people search for a business.  Google Business profiles can help users find where a business is located, their hours and how to contact them.  This can include phone numbers, direction to a business’ physical location and a direct link to your website.

Website Maintenance

Constructing and launching a website is only one aspect of web development.  In this field, you will also work on maintaining and updating sites.  Whether you make adjustments to code, implement important updates or add new features to help with branding and messaging strategy.  Adding in new features always comes with an element of risk.  So our course will teach you to make sure that the updates you make are implemented seamlessly.

If a company is moving in a new direction, web designers will be tasked with updating the existing website to match.  Everything from updating product descriptions to making sure images are properly formatted and using the proper alt tags.  Keeping your meta tags up to date and in line with your SEO goals is also important.  Keywords are a vital component of making sure people can find the website you’re working on.  Making good use of data will make sure that the website is easily found in SERPs.

Whether it’s building a website from the ground up or updating existing sites, you will need code that runs smoothly.  Following best practices will ensure that any updates or new features you add will fit into any SEO marketing plan.

Our course will teach you to work within a budget and develop strong code to fit into web marketing goals.  Throughout the process, you will learn how to match a marketing campaign’s characterization and messaging.  An up to date website can be the perfect launching point for any marketing campaign.  It allows the business to be confident that customers will find a safe and secure place to make a purchase.  Learn more about our other courses, or contact us to find out more about the services we provide.

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