YouTube Shorts And Short-Form Video: Making The Most Video Marketing

YouTube Shorts and Social Media Marketing

Short-form videos can be a great part of any social media marketing campaign.  Quick, punchy videos can gain a lot of traction and can be easily shared across a variety of platforms, like Twitter and Facebook.  This makes it a valuable component in any online video advertising strategy.

In 2019, YouTube began an experiment with short-form video.  Facing competition from TikTok, the popular video-sharing website branched out into short 60 second vertical videos.  This program would be released, globally, in July of 2021 and YouTube has been steadily integrating it alongside its other services, both in how it is picked up in YouTube’s algorithm and even giving users of the website the ability to add Shorts as comment replies.

Adding YouTube Shorts To Your Marketing Campaign

While TikTok and Instagram Reels are still big players in the short-form video market, it’s also worth paying attention to YouTube as Danielle Wiley writes in her article “Here’s Why YouTube Shorts May Be A Brand’s Best Friend In 2023”.

YouTube Shorts are easy to make and produce, including the ability to add copyright-free music and other editing tools that are provided by YouTube.  Add to that, the use of hashtags and you can have quickly produced videos that are easily discoverable with good search results.

And if you already have a YouTube channel, as part of your marketing strategy, this process is even easier.  With an already established platform, YouTube Shorts can help grow the visibility of your brand and your already established channel.  Reaching out to new viewers who are interested in short-form content and encouraging them to follow your channel, where your long-form videos are.

A Long Reach For YouTube Shorts

As YouTube has been expanding its Shorts feature, it has also been encouraging users to find these videos in their recommendations.  YouTube already has a broad audience that covers a variety of demographics and with its wide reach, YouTube Shorts can be another powerful tool for digital video marketing.

TikTok, meanwhile, tends to skew younger in its target audience.  Additionally, the platform has been facing increased scrutiny and even talk of being outright banned.  And while that might seem unlikely, YouTube and Instagram look a lot more stable in comparison.  Although it is probably too early to write off TikTok entirely, it can also be seen as an opportunity for anyone in digital marketing to branch out further and experiment with some new tools.

Digital media marketing already covers a wide range of platforms and strategies, so when growing a brand, it can never hurt to try to reach your audience in new ways.  And as many social media sites encourage using a variety of mediums to engage with users, it makes sense to take advantage of every opportunity to expand your target audience.

Organic Engagement With YouTube Shorts

And as short-form videos like YouTube Shorts are already optimized for mobile use, you have a ready made opportunity to get more organic social media engagement with your digital marketing campaigns.

If you would like to learn more about building your brand, you can sign up for one of our social media courses or contact us directly to learn more about the services we provide.


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