PPC Campaigns Management

We provide leading PPC Campaign Management and Paid Media services in the field. Our goal is to create the most relevant campaigns for you on the most suitable platforms for your business while looking at the business, the brand, the purpose of the campaigns and the budget.

The PPC campaign management at JD specializes in a variety of leading platforms and will adapt the campaign to the platform on which you want to promote the business or brand, whether on Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, Google Media, YouTube, Tiktok, LinkedIn, X (the platform formally known as Twitter) and more.

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PPC Campaign Management

Social Media Networks

Social Media continues to be a key area for online marketing.  Not only is it a great way for your business to reach new customers and build an organic promotion, but many platforms offer a chance to increase your visibility through sponsored content.  Every platform from LinkedIn to X offers the opportunity to boost a post on their website to increase your visibility to other users.

On a site like Facebook, for example, you can gain access to easy-to-use and in-depth targeting options.  Taking advantage of interest-based targeting, to get you advertisements in front of people who have their interests tagged and make sure that they can see how your business can benefit them.  These targeted advertising campaigns can take the form of sponsored posts or videos

And on platforms, like YouTube, video advertising can be easily and affordably.  We can work with you to develop the content necessary to launch a campaign that will reach the audience you are looking for.  We can also work with you to gather the necessary data from these campaigns and determine which is the most effective. 

Other paid campaigns can include influencer partnerships.  Your business can work with a specific user with a built-in audience to promote you in a post.  Working with the right influencer can get your business a positive endorsement with an audience that is looking for content in line with your branding and messaging.

Campaign Management

Employing a broad strategy can be useful in getting the widest reach possible.  But we will work to make sure that the platforms we choose match your business and strategy.  Knowing which platforms hold the demographics interested in your business will help narrow down a strong marketing strategy.

We will make sure that we keep track of all the relevant data to your campaign and share that information with you.  Collecting data on ad campaigns can help determine which areas work best and where to focus efforts going forward.

Tracking the progress of your campaign with analytics will help you make informed decisions about your campaign.  And with the variety of campaigns and ad groups you can take advantage of, it is very important to keep good data.

We will also work to ensure that your landing page is set up to work alongside your ad campaign.  After all, once you get someone to click on your ad, it is important to have content that matches the user’s expectations.  And once they are on your landing page, you will want to make sure that site maintains a quality of experience throughout the site.

Ad Copy And Graphic Design

Having good, well written, ad copy is another strong component to your paid campaign.  From press releases to the information you want communicated in promoted posts and in video, ad copy is the cornerstone of your campaign.  Keeping your brand characterization and marketing goals in mind, we will develop copy that will catch people’s eye and direct them to your website.

Ad copy can be very versatile and offer the opportunity to get the information you want in a prominent space in search results.  And when used with platforms like Google or Bing, your copy will automatically be formatted for both mobile and desktop.  Working with the keywords we research, we will make sure that your copy is in line with your strategy.

On social media and on other websites, we can help you purchase banner space.  Our graphic designers can work with you to develop ads in line with your branding and messaging.  Banner ads are a great way to showcase a product and direct traffic to your website.

As with any form of advertising, whether a graphic or ad copy, having a good Call To Action will help engage with the viewer.  Images and videos are a good way to catch someone’s attention.  And when used with your ad copy, you can maintain consistent messaging across multiple platforms.

Targeting Your Audience

Your targeted campaigns can also be used to narrow down where you are most likely to be found.  From location targeting to device targeting, you can take your message in a more precise advertisement.  With location targeting, you can make sure that your ads are only found in desired locations.  This can help to make sure that the customers you target are people searching close to your physical location.

And in device targeting, you can focus your campaign depending on how broad or narrow you want your campaign to be.  If you want to focus on mobile marketing, you can focus your PPC campaign on tablets and mobile devices.  This can work in conjunction with a good voice search campaign that focuses on people seeking out your product or service while on the go.

Our PPC Management Services will help you reach your targeted audience and expand your reach across a number of different platforms.  We will help you with every step of the campaign, from the planning and keyword research to the collection of data to plan your next steps.  If you wish to learn more about running PPC Campaigns on your own, you can sign up for one of our courses.  Or contact us to learn about our other services.

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