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Our web development services will give you the best website development according to your business needs.  We build dynamic, interactive websites with an optimal user experience.  When building a website it is important to look at the long-term marketing strategy of the business and build the website according to the changing needs and the latest designs and technologies in the market.

During the characterization of the business and throughout the process of building the website, we provide the front-end and back-end development services along with professional strategic marketing advice which will ultimately build your brand in the best way and make more people enter and purchase on or through your website.

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Web Design and Development

When creating a website, we will work with you from the early planning stages all the way to launching your site.  With services like WordPress and WiX, it is easier for companies to create their own online space and get noticed by people seeking out the services and products they provide.  And at JD Digital Marketing, we will work with you with all aspects of website building and adding content to help you stand out.

With the knowledge of the best practices for web design and web development, we can help to make sure your website matches the rest of your branding and messaging.  From product descriptions to other essential information about your business, we will help you raise brand awareness.

We also work on UI and UX development to ensure that you have a website that is easy to navigate and intuitive to use.  Ensuring that your customers will be able to use your website to purchase the products you provide or contact you for the services you provide.

In designing your website, we can work with you to make sure that you have an intuitive layout and have a website that is consistent with your business’ characterization and branding.  We will format the copy you have and work to implement any additional graphics to keep a nice, clean design across all the pages on your site.

Mobile Marketing

Another essential component to website marketing is mobile design.  Having a website with responsive design that is optimized for mobile is good, not only for your SEO, but also for your customer’s experience depending on the device they are using.  Mobile phones have changed how people interact with websites and this technology has only continued to evolve over time.

Utilizing all of the best search engine marketing strategies can help improve your results on voice search as well.  We will make sure that you have a website that will transition seamlessly into a mobile web page that will appeal to potential customers no matter how they find your website.

Online marketing has a broad reach and your website should be flexible enough to adapt to its environment.  Our developers will work with you to determine the best solutions to your mobile needs.

Internet Marketing

And working in conjunction with search engine optimization, we will work to make sure your website makes use of the appropriate keywords to ensure that your search results get you in front of as many people as possible.  With a good marketing plan in place we can target customers and drive traffic to your website.  From social media platforms to paid advertising campaigns, having a website to direct those customers towards is an essential piece.

And in addition to building a website, we can also use the tools of such content management systems as WordPress to help you add a blog to your business’ content.  Maintaining a blog can be an important part of your strategy if you are looking to further expand your reach and share more content with potential new customers.

We provide additional content writing services to help fill in these areas of web marketing, to help keep your business’ goals on track and maintain a consistent message as you move forward.  Creating additional material to help showcase your content can also include the images and videos you share on social media to keep users engaged with your website and provide an additional spotlight on your products or services.

Once we have your website ready, we will also work with you to make sure you appear in the appropriate spaces.  Setting up your Google Business profile can also make sure that when people search for your business they can quickly and easily find out where you are located, what your hours are and how to contact you.  This can include phone numbers, direction to your business’ location and a direct link to your website.

Website Maintenance

After we help you construct your website, we will help you maintain your site or maintain and update an existing website.  We can make adjustments to code, to implement important updates or add new features to help in your branding and messaging strategy.  Adding in new features always comes with an element of risk and our developers will make sure that any new additions are implemented seamlessly.

And if you are moving your company in a new direction, our web designers can help update your existing website to match.  From updating product descriptions, to incorporating new graphic designs and formatting, we can make sure your images are populated with the appropriate descriptions and alt tags.  Keeping your meta tags up to date and in line with your SEO goals is also important.  Keywords are a vital component of making sure people can find your website.  All of the data available will go a long way to ensuring that you appear in search engines.

Whether you are looking to build your website from the ground up or have our coders update and add new features to an existing site, we will make sure that the code runs smoothly and includes the best practices to ensure it fits into any SEO marketing plan.

We will make sure your web marketing goals are met and suited to your budget.  And, throughout the process, we will work with you to ensure that your website is consistent with your characterization and messaging.  With an up to date website you will be well suited to launch any marketing campaign, confident that your customers will find a safe and secure place to make a purchase in an easy to navigate environment.

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