Search Ads Toggle: A New Tool for TikTok

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Last week, TikTok announced the launch of its new feature, Search Ads Toggle.  The social media app’s Ads Manager will now allow brands to serve ads in TikTok search results.  When active, ads are created with the user’s existing ad content and delivered to relevant queries alongside organic search results.  The ads are labeled as “Sponsored” content and can appear in varying positions based on relevancy.  But how could this new addition to their search feature help your digital marketing strategy?

Paid Search Campaigns are a very useful method of getting more eyes on your business.  And TikTok branching its services out could provide another opportunity for marketers.  And as this is already part of TikTok’s video ad buy, it can easily be integrated in an existing strategy.  Instagram also added in search result ads, earlier this year.   

A New Way To Search?

People in younger demographics have been increasingly using platforms like TikTok as a search engine.  While some are lamenting the encroachment of ads, it was only a matter of time before platforms took advantage.  As social media evolves, so do the ways it impacts marketing campaigns.  In between TikTok and Instagram’s announcements, we’ve already seen some big changes this year.

And while this may seem like a minor update, always remember that new strategies can develop in unlikely places.  Search ads are great at getting your business in front of a user already seeking out what you offer.  Mobile devices have been playing a key role in how people are searching out content.  So taking advantage of those new tools is as important now as it has ever been.  And if a platform like TikTok is providing an opportunity to reach new customers through their search feature, it could prove very useful.

TikTok’s announcement included their own internal research.  According to which, 70% of ads with Search Ads Toggle “on” see a more efficient performance when compared to not.  Two companies, Clinique UK and DIBS Beauty, saw higher visibility and sales thanks to the feature, according to the announcement.

Testing TikTok’s New Feature

But this function is still new and while it is intuitive to understand the benefits, you should always temper expectations.  Using TikTok as a search engine replacement may be a new trend, sites like Google still benefit from their dedicated functionality.  Even if it works better than some people expect, it shouldn’t be treated as a complete replacement.  

Even if you are looking to target a specific demographic, a broad approach will remain the best.  Fortunately, this new feature is pretty straightforward to incorporate into an existing social media campaign.  And taking advantage of reaching out to a new audience will always be a great benefit.  

PPC Campaigns can get a business visible in prominent positions of a website.  And Social Media has been a great avenue for marketing opportunities.  TikTok and Instagram adding in more features can provide new tools for your marketing strategy.  If you are interested in our Social Media Marketing, or PPC Campaign Management Services, contact us to learn more.


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