Threads: The New Social Media Platform with New Opportunities

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Last week, Facebook’s parent company Meta launched a new Social Media platform called Threads.  There have been a number of apps that have been released to compete with Twitter, but Threads has gained a lot of attention for its fast growth.  In less than a day, it has been downloaded more than 30 million times, passing ChatGPT in growth.  Social Media marketing has long been a key part of digital marketing and a new platform could set the stage for new opportunities.

The Basics Of Threads

But what actually sets it apart from other would-be ‘Twitter-Killers’?  Threads has the benefit of being tied into an existing social media app, Instagram.  With the ability to import your settings, username, bio and profile photo it is easy to make a new account.  And Threads also makes its short-form blogging posts easy to share and integrate with other platforms, adding to its appeal and use.

Presently, Threads has not started monetization or display ads, but there is still plenty of opportunity for organic marketing in a space that is seeing a fast growing user-base.  A number of other high-profile users, companies and news agencies have already signed up and are taking advantage of this new space.

Threads has a few other benefits, such as a larger character limit that could have a big impact on SEO marketing.  And as this article from Medium points out, there are a number of other digital marketing aspects that could be impacted by Threads debut.

New Opportunities In Digital Marketing

As with any new space, it may take some time to figure out how best to take advantage of this platform.  The other side benefit of becoming an early adopter is that it can give you the opportunity to learn alongside other users what the best practices are and how to take advantage of them.

The recent news surrounding Twitter and some of its decisions has opened the door to other applications to try and take its place.  Notably, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has started a rival platform of his own called Bluesky.  Although it is currently invitation only, it will open up to the public after it is finished with its beta testing.

The Other Players In The Social Media Field

Bluesky boasts that it is a decentralized platform and similar in this philosophy is Mastadon.  As it isn’t owned by one company, Mastodon also does not feature advertisements and features an open source software so users can create and host their own communities.

The social media space is being shaken up, but there are still other platforms that have been around that you can take advantage of, as well.  LinkedIn, for example, has been working to add new features, including streaming and a news feed.  

It is always important to keep in mind when developing a social media strategy that a platform can have different tools at your disposal.  They also have different audiences and demographics that you could reach out to.  If you would like to learn more about how to take advantage of the benefits of a social media plan, you could sign up for one of our courses or contact us directly.


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