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At JD Digital Marketing, we offer a number of different services.  Our focus is in the field of marketing and strengthening a business’ online presence to have the best chance to grow and expand your reach.  And one of those services that we offer is our selection of digital marketing courses.  The goal is simple.  To provide each client or business with the knowledge and tools to succeed in their online marketing goals or prepare you for your own career in the field of marketing.  So let’s dig a little deeper into what these courses are and how they can help your company’s marketing strategy.

Marketing and PPC Campaign Strategies

First, let’s start with the Marketing Strategy Course to get started with some basic fundamentals.  In this course, we look to build a marketing strategy that will best meet the needs of the business and how they connect to their customers.  We cover offline and online marketing strategies across a variety of platforms.  Learning how to develop your marketing plan and structuring your budget to fit your needs and goals is an important first step to getting your campaign off the ground.

In our PPC Campaigns Course, we cover the tools you will need to build a solid paid campaign across the leading online platforms like Google Search, social media sites (such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) and more.  PPC, or pay-per-click, is a form of advertising where you pay a fee to have your website listed when specific keywords or phrases are entered into a search engine, appear on a social media’s feed page or the banner ads that appear when you browse through different websites.  And in this course we will cover how you, as a PPC Specialist, can optimize and manage your campaigns and gather data to interpret the efficacy of your campaign and how to proceed further.

Social Media and Search Engine Optimization

Of course, PPC advertising is just one aspect of digital marketing and just one aspect of interacting with social media sites to promote your business.  In our Social Media Course we cover the more organic side of marketing and how to make the most of the reach and capabilities of social media platforms and building brand awareness through an effective strategy.  Social media can be a great source to find both customers or maybe even your next career as a social media marketer.

In addition to social media, we also offer a course on Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.  Through good SEO marketing, you can optimize your digital presence and drive website traffic, reach a target audience, and build brand awareness.  The cornerstone of any digital marketing strategy is SEO, that will raise your visibility.  With the proper skills, you can improve how customers can discover your company online and how to improve your results in search engines.  The field of SEO marketing has a number of openings, such as Yoast, the SEO plugin for WordPress.

Web Development

Finally, we offer a course in Web Development.  Arguably one of the most important aspects of digital marketing is having a website for your business.  And in this course, we will teach you how to build, develop and design a website so that your customers have a place to go to learn more about your business and even make purchases of the products or services you provide.  Web development has been, and continues to be, an important career path in today’s job market.

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to contact us about our courses or the other digital marketing services that we provide.


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